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-March. 24, 2001
-Hey, sorry for the lack of updates over the last 2 days. I was simply taking a break. But today I am back. I added all the new mm2 cars I could find. Yeah, just 2. That's all, enjoy ~



-March. 21, 2001
-Well there is no soccer due to rain so I am updating. I added 1 new mm2 car. Thats about it. MM2 cars are not being produced like they used to. ~


-March. 20, 2001
-Not much to say except that I uploaded 1 new mm2 car. Tommorrow an update is a little ify. I have a soccer game; so who knows. ~


-March. 19, 2001
-I did update yesterday I just forgot to write here. Today i did though. Uploaded 2 new mm2 cars. THe Nichts car i TOTaly invisable, weird. Thats all; enjoy ~


-March. 16, 2001
-  Check this out! A new VERY cool mod for mm2. Here is the the info:

If you're looking for new action, then drive this mod in MM2 San Francisco. This is where you fly across/through Golden Gate, race on bridges that opens and closes. Plenty of roads to race on and above ocean level. Roofwaring on top some of the tallest buildings or simply get a fantastic view. This is a really great way to test your driving-skills.

Download it here: Megamod



In other news I added the names of the creators to about 1/5 of the cars in the mm2 section. I will be working there alday so expect updates thorugh out today. I just added a FAQ page with some answer to the basic questions I usally get. I also added 2 new mm2 cars.  ~


-March. 15, 2001
-I am home tomarrow cause school is on a break. So expect updates through out the day. Also today I uploaded 4 new mm2 cars. I am off to drive them! Enjoy  ~


-March. 14, 2001
- I got a lot of new car pics for mm2. I also added 1 new mm2 car. enjoy! ~



-March. 13, 2001
-Still not much going on today in the world of mm2. I uploaded one car. Check it out. Heres a pic of The Flying Delorean.



-March. 12, 2001
-Not much going on. Added two new mm2 cars. Enjoy ~


-March. 11, 2001
-I uploaded and posted some really cool cars. A ford model t! cool. I also added another pic to the UFO, check it out. In other news expect a new mod for SF near the end of this week. I am very impressed with it. Here are some pics!




-March. 10, 2001
- 5 new mm2 cars. I added a lot of pics for the cars to. So please to enjoy! ~


-March. 9, 2001
-Not much going on today. I upload 2 mm2 cars, Thats all ~





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Cars Made By Pc-Exhaust

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MegaMod 2       (MM2)
Drive on Water Mod(MM2)
  Mega Mod        (MM2)
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MM2 cars added today!

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