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Lately I have been bombard with questions on how to this and that. So I have discided to make a FAQ page. If the FAQ page doesn't answer your question please feel free to e-mail me and ask.



1. What Do I Need To Create A Car?

Here is the list of required tools, as follows:

  • One download of the Vehicle Creation Kit,
  • One registered version of 3D Studio MAX r2.5* (full details on price, availability, distributors, etc from,
  • Or alternatively, a download of ZModeler to create from scratch or convert vehicles from Need For Speed 4 .fce or Sports Car GT .vrl files (you will also need the corresponding extractor or converter for these files),
  • A decent graphics package (take your pick, there are plenty available),
  • Wordpad or Notepad - both kindly supplied as standard issues by Microsoft,
  • If you're going to play with sounds, I recommend some decent sound editing tools (again, plenty of freely available software is out there ... somewhere),
  • Some good photographs and as much information as you can find about your subject matter,
  • Oh, and not forgetting lots of time, testing and patience!

                    Go here for a tutorial on Zmodeler and how to convert NFS                      cars to MM(2) cars.


                          There you will also find link to the many tools you                                will need to download.

2.) Where can I find tutorials on how to create cars?
     Go Here:
3.) How do you use the SF editor?
       I have no idea nor do I know of a place that does. Sorry




Q: I have Midtown Madness 2, but the zone don't reorganize it, what should I do?
A: Assuming you bought the game, you need to install it on the default folder and drive as the Zone. If the Zone is on drive C the game must be there too in order for the zone to recorgenize it.
Q: My game keep exiting while I am trying to play Multiplayer games.
A: Several things can cause this problem:
1) Try to lower the graphics setting, even if you have high-end machine, MM2 tend to hung when setting are high.

2) Downloaded cars - Delete all downloaded cars you have on Midtown folder, and try again. If the game works, install them back 2 at a time.

3) You don't have updated graphics drivers - go to the manufacture site and download latest updates.

4) Download the latest DirectX drivers from Here
Q: I am getting the "I am a cheater" message, and can't move, why?
A: Currently, downloaded and tweaked cars causes this message in multiplayer games.
If the host did not unlock the default cars, even attempt to use them will result in cheating message.
The host himself can move even if he is "cheater".
Q: My car is driving backwards on dash view, why?
A: This can be caused by having the Traffic Pack installed, try to delete it.

Installing Midtown Madness Stuff

Q: How do I install downloaded cars?
A: 1) Open the car .zip file with Winzip.
2) Select the file ending with .ar extention.
3) Click Extract at the toolbar.
4) Write the Midtown folder, which is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Midtown Madness 2\
5) Click Extract.

Cars should be at the car menu now.

Game Questions

Q: How do you change cars in Non-IP game?
A: This is impossible, ask the host to return to menu so you can change cars.
Q: How do I unlock all the cars without racing?
A: Download the All Cars and Tracks cheat from our Files section.
Q: Where I can find my IP number?
A: Press Start -> Run, on the window write "winipcfg".
Q: How do I host IP game?
A: Start Midtown Madness 2, go to Multiplayer, select TCP/IP, select Host.
Click ok.
Q: I got disruptive player in my game, what can I do?
A: You can eject him from the game by pressing F6 and click on that player name.
Q: How do I take screenshots?
A: Use HyperSnap, you can download it from: Go into their files section: 

Q: I want to take a screenshot, but how can I get special views?
A: First, go to external view, by clicking V. then move the camera with the Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End and Page Down keys.
Q: How do I make cars?
A: Try to visit Box Designs.




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Cars Made By Pc-Exhaust

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MegaMod 2       (MM2)
Drive on Water Mod(MM2)
  Mega Mod        (MM2)
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MM2 cars added today!

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