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-Midtown Madness -2-

Oh and one more thing, all of the files are .zip so you need a program like winzip to open them.

NOTE: To download click file then a new page will open were you can download the file. Then please wait while the file download is queued.


Megamod 2

by PC425

584kb Here is the new Megamod for London and the updated
Megamod for San Francisco.
In the Megamod2 London are a lot of new facilities,  Try jumping across the Thames, race upon the rooftops, drive on new bridges and discover new places where you  never driven before. Do what you want with the new buildings made of glass. Use the jumptrailers in the
narrow streets. Jump across parked cars and stackboxes,
and much more.........          

by PC425


257kb If you're looking for new action, then drive this mod in MM2 San Francisco. This is where you fly across/through Golden Gate, race on bridges that opens and closes. Plenty of roads to race on and above ocean level. Roofwaring ontop some of the tallest
buildings or simply get a fantastic view. This is a really great way to test your driving-skills.
WerWelp SF City Mod           27kb Adds to SF additional jumptrails, ramps, parked cars and bridge leading to alcatraz.
Jump Delta Mod 13kb it adds ramps and ferries to the SF, allowing easier access to Alcatraz.
San Francisco Jump Trailer/ Ferry 12kb Will add a jump trailer and ferry to San Francisco by the large empty dock in the Northern area of the city.
Drive on Water 13kb This mod allow you to drive on water! on SF and London.  


-Here are some file for Midtown Madness -2-
--File --Size --Description
DDS Editor 342kb Allows the editing of MM2 *.DDS texture files.
deAR-2  v1.0 33kb Decompiles the MM2 .ar files into constituent files and subdirectories
Tex-2 TGA 35kb Allows the conversion of Midtown Madness TEX files to TGA format.
No CDcrack 895kb Now you don't have to use the CD to play MM2
Car Loader 2MB Manage your cars for MM2
Car Loader V2.2 160kb Allows you to keep track of any cars you have installed in Midtown Madness. The view function is a new addition that lets you view an image of the car
Zmodeler 1MB Use to convert cars to MM2. Used with NFS Series, Revolt, Sports Car GT, F1 2000 and Monster Truck Madness 1 & 2.
MM1 To MM2 Car Convertor 1.2MB A bunch of base files to help you convert mm1 to mm2. Zmodeler needed.
MM2-LOCK Auto Deleter 2.2MB Prevent the "YIKES!" error message from appearing after a MM2 game crash
SF City Editor 430kb With this editor you can add objects to SF.


--File --Size --Description  
SF Londen City Tweaks 2kb In London cars drive on the right side of the road, and all city cars available are in each city. Double Decker buses in SF! City Buses in London! Plus traffic moves at 40mph!  
Banger-Fix v1.0 16kb This adjusts the weight of the trees, parked cars and AI cars in the game.  
Durability Fix v2.0 10kb This reduces the amount of damage that the player's car can absorb to a similar level.  
Armor Mod 6kb Unlimited Armor to a Selected Car  
MM2 Patch v1.01 (Follow Below Link)

Get it at Here

2MB Fixes incompatibility problems with the Intel 810 family of graphics chips  

-Saved Game & Trainers- Access All Cars/Races -saved game-

Unzip to your "Players" directory. Make a backup of your "Players" directory before using this cheat. Select player RA to unlock all races and cars.

Trainer(I think this is a MM1 trainer.) Turn nodamage on and off, also unlimited time in races


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Cars Made By Pc-Exhaust

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MegaMod 2       (MM2)
Drive on Water Mod(MM2)
  Mega Mod        (MM2)
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MM2 cars added today!

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