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GAME PROFILES Computer and Video Games Banner Exchange

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Pc-Exhaust Crew Cars

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What is AOE?

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Custom Cars

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What is MM?
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Custom Cars:

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Custom Trucks

Trainers, Saved Games Area

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Millennium Design

Team Neolistic
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Trainers Saved Games Area

Below are Trainers, Saved Games, or something else I may have thought was cool.

Go to the Bottom of the Page to Find Out What A Trainer is!

-Game Name -Special Features: -Type
- # -
11hour Final Saved Game Saved Game
1000 miglia Decrease Race time, decrease Leg time. Trainer
1602 a.d. Unlimited Gold, Cannons. Trainer
3d Alien Invaders Trainer Trainer
3d Brick Busters Unlimited Lives Trainer
3d Buble Bursters Unlimited Lives, and more Trainer
3d Missle Maddness Unlimited Lives Trainer
3d Ultra RC Racers Modify Money, Laps, PowerUps Trainer
7 Cities of Gold Trainer Trainer
- A -


Unlimited Player Health, Combat Experience. Trainer
Abomination Full Experience Points, 200 Boxes of Ammo, 20 Thermal Armor, more. Saved Game
Actua Soccer Editor Editor
Advanaced Tactical Fighters Editor Editor
Age Of Empires -2-: Age of Kings 99999 Gold, Food, and Wood Trainer
Agent Armstrong Trainer Trainer
Airline Tycoon All Agencies Money Saves Savegame
Aironix Unlimited Lives Trainer
Airport inc. Modify Cash, Visitors, Customer Satisfaction, Ranking. Trainer
Airport Tycoon Unlimited Money. Trainer
Akuma +21 Options Trainer
Aladdin Trainer Trainer
Albion Trainer Trainer
Alien Breed Trainer Trainer
Alien Carnage/ Halloween Harry +9 options Trainer
Alien Earth Trainer Trainer
Alien vs Preditors Trainer - Unlimited Marine Ammo, Predator Energy, Predator Spear Ammo; Freeze Health, Armor. Trainer
Alone in the Dark 3 Trainer Trainer
Alpha Centauri Unknow Trainer
Amazing Spiderman Trainer Trainer
Amber Journey Beyond Final level Saved Game

American McGee's Alice

Final Level Saved Game
Ancient Conquest Unlimited Fish and Gold Trainer
Area51 Trainer Trainer
Armored Fist -3- Unlimited Ammo Trainer
Army Men Trainer Trainer
Army Men -2- Freeze Ammo; Max/Freeze Sgt; Max/Freeze Men. Trainer
The Avengers Pinball Add Balls Trainer
This section i know i coming up Very slow. This site isn't my main porority. The MM2 stuff is. Sorry.
A trainer is a program that lets you turn on and off certain features in the game. For example, you may be able to turn on/off unlimited money, unlimited lives and so on.

The trainer must be running in the background as you are playing the game.DO NOT close the trainer program - leave it running while playing the game.

Trainers may only work with certain versions of the game. We cannot provide support for these files so please do not ask us for assistance.

Warning! Use these  files at your own risk.


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Cars Made By Pc-Exhaust

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MegaMod 2       (MM2)
Drive on Water Mod(MM2)
  Mega Mod        (MM2)
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MM2 cars added today!

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