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-Step by Step Instructions on How to Install Midtown Madness Cars-

First off you need to download a Midtown Madness(mm) or MM2 car. Then once you download the file you need to open it. To open it you will need to use a program such as Winzip to 'unzip' the contents. These directions are written for Winzip.

Step one:

Open the downloaded car by double clicking on it. I am using the MM2 'RAD' as an example.


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Once you click on the * file Winzip should come up in either 2 ways.

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If you get the ABOVE window click on the 'WinZip Classic' button(in red)to get to the BELOW screen.

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Now Minimize the Winzip window and do the below.

Step 2:

Go to the 'Start Menu' and right click on it. You should get a menu below. Then click on 'Explore' ( in red).

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A new window should open like the one in the picture below.

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Now navigate to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games (Or to the directory were you installed you game) You should see a Midtown Madness Directory. Double click the MM folder. You are now in your Midtown Madness game directory!!
Step 3:
Now re-open the WinZip window that we minimized earlier. Click on the *.AR(the .ar file is the MM car) file in the WinZip window. In this case, the *.AR file is called ''. Click the *.AR file and hold the left mouse button and drag it into you MM directory, as shown in the picture.
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Step 4:
Open up MM(or MM2), then go to the car select area and find the car! The picture below is the final result in MM2.
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That is it!! Not to hard. If you need more help e-mail me at I will be happy to answer any question you may have.


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Cars Made By Pc-Exhaust

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MegaMod 2       (MM2)
Drive on Water Mod(MM2)
  Mega Mod        (MM2)
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